Heard in the Rooms – Our Openness & Willingness to Addiction

Openness and Willingness, along with Honesty are said to be prerequisites or foundations of 12 Step recovery. And of course we need to develop a relationship to a Higher Power of our own understanding.

It’s confronting to look at how much willingness and openness we had to our addiction, our drugs or compulsions of choice. Willing to “go to any lengths” to obtain and use it. Open to new behaviors – hiding, lying, perhaps cheating and stealing, risking our own lives and those of others… behaviors that changed our personalities for the worse, and damaged important relations, career, and health. And it’s then not hard to see how we devoted ourselves to those substances and behaviors as if they were our God. Spending time, money, and self-respect to “worship” it.

The good news is that in recovery we can replace the “false idols” that brought us stress, suffering, and harm, and find a genuine path of spirituality that brings us to freedom.

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