The Push and Pull of Addiction and Life

We seem to naturally, instinctively seek pleasure and avoid pain. But pain is unavoidable and pleasure never lasts. In our addictions we slowly adopt the delusion, the misperception, that somehow we can make pleasure stay and avoid pain by modifying our states of mind and body via substances or behaviors. All of these attempts indicate a simple fact of human nature: we are attached – attached to comfort, ease, and freedom from unpleasant states. But so long as we try to chase comfort and avoid discomfort, we unwittingly increase our suffering by guaranteeing disappointment.
“Attachment is to things we love, things that give our life meaning, things that give us our identity. It is well known in spiritual teaching that both attachments and resistance are to be surrendered if we are to awaken to truth. All of us are willing to surrender the things we resist, the things we don’t want, the things we would be more than happy to be rid of. That’s easy.
The things we are attached to is another story. Deep in our hearts, we actually fear and resist awakening because we know it means surrendering our attachments. Most of us feel that without the things we are attached to, life is no longer worth living. That’s how important our attachments are to us…
We also don’t want to accept that attachment inevitably leads to suffering. We desperately want to believe that what we are attached to will not change. But of course it does. Everything in life changes. That is the nature of life itself. When we cling to this belief that it will not change, we are always disappointed when it inevitably does. And it always does. Avoidance of this truth is the very nature of suffering.” – Peter Cutler
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