Vipassana Meditation at Indigo Yoga

Vipassana Meditation for Clarity, Insight & Liberation – Indigo Yoga Studio, Walnut Creek, CA

Following are links to some useful articles that we will use in this class. And for a full list of recommended books, go to: Mindfulness Meditation Books

What Exactly is Vipassana Meditation?  This is a two page, edited version of the four page article by Bhante Gunaratana from Tricycle Magazine. A link to the full article is included.

A List of Buddhist Lists. There are many numerical lists in Buddhist teachings. When Buddhism was still an oral tradition, lists helped monks remember the Buddha’s teachings and offer them to others. They also provide an overview of the some of the major teachings important for a student of Vipassana.

Taking the Tension out of Attention Here is an article at that describes how to relax three areas of the body to facilitate meditation and mindfulness.

Three Breathing Techniques – (download file) This article presents some general information about breathing, and the diaphragmatic, alternate-nostril, and bellows breathing techniques.

Getting Started in Mindfulness with Breathing – (download file) An adapted version of the longer publication by Buddhadasa Bikkhu – Mindfulness With Breathing – A Manual for Serious Beginners – this free summary gives instructions for beginners in using the breath as an object of meditation.

10 Stages, 4 Milestones & Starting Your Practice – (download file) A handout with excerpts from Culadasa’s book, The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science


7 min. Intro meditation 6-16-17

16 min ending meditation 6-16-17